Shop Towels / Wipers

Never use a dirty towel. Reusing dirty shop towels can be harmful to what you’re cleaning, and most importantly won’t do a proper job. Our shop towels are the industry’s finest. Unlike other competitors you will never see shrunken towels with massive holes and discoloration. We provide clean usable towels that are fully cleaned each time they are picked up.

Cleaning and replacing dirty towels every time they get soiled can be both time consuming and expensive. Going to the hardware store to replace your dirty towels can get pretty costly. Mr Mats shop towels are always cleaned through industrial washing machines to remove all soiled material as well as any metal material that has accumulated on the towel. In addition we have a cleaning program to remove you from any hazardous material liability you may have with towel disposal. Think about the benefits or Mr.Mat and give us a try. You will not be disappointed.