Dust Control Mops

Dust Control MopsDust Mops and Wet Mops are essential to keeping your building clean. Dust Mops and Wet Mops collect all the germs and bacteria from your floors. If those mops are not being cleaned properly on a consistent basis, they will push dirt and bacteria across the floor instead of removing it.

Think about how much you pay someone to clean your floor? Do the mops you buy from a store make your floors immaculate? If the answer is no, it’s time to get Mr.Mat.

Mr. Mats Dust Control Program revolves around replacing the mops on weekly or bi-weekly intervals. Any longer and the product isn’t doing its job. We only use the highest quality mops. We are the gold standard within the industry for our dust control programs.

Dust Mop Sizes: 24", 36", 48", 60"

Mr. Mats Micro Fiber dust mop features all the best qualities of micro fiber yarn combined with other advantages offered by traditional dust mops. Micro Fiber dust mops feature more than 50 times the amount of filament found in traditional mops, which help keep floors cleaner and enhances the overall performance of each dust mop. Engineered to aggressively collect dust, the Micro filament fibers and looped ends allow for the pick-up of very small or micro particles that ordinary mops will leave behind. Our Micro Fiber dust mop is a step up from other micro fiber mops because it is made with a looped end bottom and fringe yarn along with a sewn construction and increased durability for over 200 washings.

Micro Fiber Wet mops are specially designed non-abrasive, non-linting fibers, small enough to penetrate into surface pores and remove tiny dust particles. The Wet mop pad has an absorbent core. The Micro fiber Wet Mop Scrubber Pad is made with a blend of micro fiber yarn and scrub strips which allow for soil to be loosened and picked up and retained by the micro fiber yarn.