About Mr. Mat

Mr. Mat - Bob GriffinMr. Mat, Inc. is one of the fastest growing industrial cleaning services in New Jersey. Located in Butler (Northern, N.J.), Mr. Mat has built a reputation based on a commitment to hard work, reliability, and quality service.

Started by Bob Griffin in 1983, Mr. Mat began with just a few small floormats. Those few small floormats were transformed into a thriving business retailing many diverse cleaning products and services.

Today Mr. Mat sells and services thousands of floormats a week, as well as logomats, auto-dispensing hygiene systems, professional uniforms, and dust control systems. Each of these products receive the same attention to quality and service by our staff of trained cleaning professionals to assure that no matter which product, the level of service is always the same.

Our staff and fleet of trucks are always on the move, servicing clients throughout the state and country. There is always a large stock on-hand at Mr. Mat to assure our customers receive the product they ordered, when they ordered it.

This commitment to our customers and service is what has made Mr. Mat the company it is today, truly a "one-stop-shop" for all your businesses industrial cleaning needs.

Mr. Mat, Inc. Keeping America clean and dust-free for almost 30 years!